Dany JP Tremblay, PE, SE, PEng.

Dany JP Tremblay, PE, SE, PEng.

August 13, 2020

Mr. Dany JP Tremblay has over 25 years of qualified experience in structural engineering. Having worked in the American West for 2 1/2 decades, specifically in Utah and Alberta, he is well versed in the design of structures that need to respond to extreme snow loads and strong ground motion. This design experience extends from North America to France, Haiti and Algeria, with a variety of large, small, complex and unique projects completed in those locations. Never shy to take on a challenge, Dany founded CSi in the spring of 2001 because he believed he could offer better engineering services. Shortly after Haiti’s devastating earthquake of 2010, Dany embarked on a volunteer engineering effort that eventually led to the founding of GSA, one of only 2 international level structural engineering consulting firms is this impoverished and underserved nation.

With the wealth of knowledge in the design industry, Dany has partnered with a few other team members from Canyons to offer Integrated Building Solutions, a building envelope consulting service.  This venture provides additional oversight and design options for both the commercial and residential building communities.

Dany believes that each project is a challenge to be undertaken with care and resolve while emphasizing the most cost effective solutions, and that not doing so is a missed opportunity to live up to the client’s expectations. It is this commitment and attention to detail that keeps such clients as The InterAmerican Development Bank, the Spanish Red Cross, The American Red Cross, Architecture for Humanity, Finn Church Aid, Islamic Relief World, The Canadian International Development Fund, Heineken, and some of Utah’s most awarded architects coming back.

Dany speaks fluent French and English and has a working grasp of Haitian Creole and Spanish. Although committed to his clients and their satisfaction, Dany finds the time to ski, run, BBQ, and play lead guitar in a blues band. When not involved in those activities, Dany will assuredly be found at home with his three children and his amazing wife and best friend of 25 years.


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