2017 Most Outstanding Green/Sustainable Project

2017 Most Outstanding Green/Sustainable Project

December 16, 2017

We had a fun time working with the team from Architecture Belgique and GIV Development on this revolutionary project.  These designers are building sustainable projects that set precedence for a healthy community.

Most Outstanding Green/Sustainable Project: Project Open

Owner: GIV Development

Architect: Architecture Belgique INC

General Contractor: Wadman Corporation

OPEN is the state’s first conventional built, net-zero multi-family development through a partnership with Rocky Mountain Power’s subscriber solar program.  This five-story structure has 112 living units, along with space for non-profit and homeless youth programs.  the clubhouse includes a gym, conference space, and artist studios.  The design used a simple material palet of brick and metal paneling similar to existing buildings in the area.  The 100-year-old building was seismically upgraded and supported by helical piers drilled 80 feet into the ground.

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