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Alpine Masterpiece

May 2, 2019
Categories: Custom Homes

Our project manager, Courtney, and his team enacted some innovative engineering to help this project come to life. As always, Upwall Design has taken their art very seriously in creating this beautiful custom home for its Alpine residents. We are grateful to be a part of the team with Upwall Design and Hobble Creek Construction. […]

Haiti: Fostering the Practice of Structural Engineering

April 24, 2019
Categories: Seismic

Written: March 11, 2019 Ask most north Americans what they know about Haiti and they will tell you that it is a very poor country that appears to frequently make the news for its exposure to various natural and socio-political calamities.  A few of us have a vague notion that it has been politically and […]

Pamela’s Place Breaks Ground

April 18, 2019
Categories: Mixed Use - Housing, News

“the clearest sign yet that when our hearts are in the right place and when we have the right people at the table, anything is possible.” Thanks to @sltrib for putting the spotlight on the Pamela’s Place project. We are proud to be a part of the team making this project a reality.

Happy Anniversary Cambria

March 18, 2019
Categories: CSi News

Firm VP Cambria Flowers celebrates 16 years at Canyons Structural Cambria M. Flowers, SE, VP, and Partner at Canyons Structural celebrates 16 years as an integral leader on the CSi team. As always, Cambria continues to impress the community with her intelligence in her profession and her dedication to being an exemplary human being. What […]

Meridian Multi-Family Reaching Completion

May 23, 2018
Categories: Multi-Family Housing, News

One of the many multi-family projects that we are grateful to have contributed our structural engineering services as part of the design team.  Thanks to Architecture Belgique for their subpurb leadership of this team, and thanks to Kier Construction  for their excellent team work and craftsmanship. Address – 1850 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (2) […]

Project Open Revolutionizing Affordable Housing

May 18, 2018
Categories: Multi-Family Housing, News

Congratulations to Chris Parker and his carefully appointed team of visionaries for offering Salt Lake a new approach to affordable living. We are honored to have been a small contributor to Project Open, a revolutionary concept by GIV Development.  Learn more through the article below:

Anna celebrates an anniversary!

April 28, 2018
Categories: CSi News

She is like a mythical being in the world of engineering; a female structural engineer.  A mere 8% of engineers in Utah are structural engineers, so she is of the brilliant minority. Anna is also a contributing member of the Women Of Structural Engineering group in Utah. Anna studied at the University of Utah to […]

Congratulations on 2 Years!!

April 16, 2018
Categories: CSi News

We are happy to celebrate Jason’s two year anniversary as a member of the Canyons team.  He brings a unique set of attributes to the office with his experience drafting for both an architectural team and now a structural engineering team.  His ability to foresee conflicts in design and continuity have saved time and money […]

The Cost of Steel

April 3, 2018
Categories: News

Due to the increase in tariffs on steel, the construction industry has started to value engineer in the design phase to control these higher costs.  We have began encouraging our clients to price out designs which may include steel prior to agreeing on a final design.  This has proven helpful for clients and designers, to […]

2017 Most Outstanding Green/Sustainable Project

December 16, 2017

We had a fun time working with the team from Architecture Belgique and GIV Development on this revolutionary project.  These designers are building sustainable projects that set precedence for a healthy community. Most Outstanding Green/Sustainable Project: Project Open Owner: GIV Development Architect: Architecture Belgique INC General Contractor: Wadman Corporation OPEN is the state’s first conventional […]