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January 29, 2021
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In January of 2001, Dany Tremblay opened Canyons Structural Consulting. His ambitions were simple. He wanted to do what he loved and have more time to be with those he loved. He made that happen when he opened his office in the front room of his family home. A lot has changed in 20 years. […]

Happy Anniversary Cambria

March 18, 2019
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Firm VP Cambria Flowers celebrates 16 years at Canyons Structural Cambria M. Flowers, SE, VP, and Partner at Canyons Structural celebrates 16 years as an integral leader on the CSi team. As always, Cambria continues to impress the community with her intelligence in her profession and her dedication to being an exemplary human being. What […]

Anna celebrates an anniversary!

April 28, 2018
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She is like a mythical being in the world of engineering; a female structural engineer.  A mere 8% of engineers in Utah are structural engineers, so she is of the brilliant minority. Anna is also a contributing member of the Women Of Structural Engineering group in Utah. Anna studied at the University of Utah to […]

Congratulations on 2 Years!!

April 16, 2018
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We are happy to celebrate Jason’s two year anniversary as a member of the Canyons team.  He brings a unique set of attributes to the office with his experience drafting for both an architectural team and now a structural engineering team.  His ability to foresee conflicts in design and continuity have saved time and money […]

3 years with Canyons!!

December 1, 2017
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Danny Thompson is celebrating his 3rd year with us at Canyons.  He began his career with us as an internship while he finished his engineering degree at the University of Utah, where he graduated with an impressive GPA.  Danny not only injects some heated football jargon in the office environment, he also has contributed to […]

Happy 5th Anniversary, Courtney!

November 10, 2017
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“I really appreciate the lack of micromanagement as this has allowed me to become my own engineer.” -Courtney Fleming   Courtney has been engineering at Canyons since 2012 and has become a leader in our residential home design division. With his experience in the field and on an engineering design team, Courtney offers a wealth […]